Phase I: Client orientation (Weeks 1-2)

The goal of this phase is to gather a comprehensive understanding of not only the specific parameters and qualifications of a role, but also the more subtle cultural differentiators that make a client unique and learn the inner workings and culture of the organization. 

-Initial meeting(s) with the client including key stakeholders 

-Development of the ideal candidate profile, how they will be assessed, as well as speak with direct and indirect reports

-Collection of the necessary data input for our proprietary research and sourcing program which is uniquely tailored and customized for each individual search

-Creation of search strategy, approach, and process

-Establish a weekly call with the client to provide updates, receive feedback, and to ensure the process is collaborative and effective

Phase II: Research, sourcing, and screening (Weeks 3-5+)

Phase II is what sets BPC apart. We relentlessly go to market to attract and secure the best talent available. It begins with the implementation of our proven proprietary research and sourcing method, and continues with a customized outreach program, based on our client’s unique needs. Once candidates have been secured, they are vetted through various interviews.

-Exhaustive market research is conducted to identify all peer companies/institutions, industry competitors, and relevant parallel organizations

-A list of potential candidates is generated, ranging from 100-500 individuals, depending on the client’s demands

-At the client’s request, a job advertisement(s) is posted

-Outreach to potential candidates is initiated via social media, email, cold calls, referrals, and leveraging our expansive network

-To screen and qualify, each interested candidate undergoes at least two interviews by BPC: one over the phone and another over video call or in person when possible

-The first allotment of candidates is formally presented to the client. To add depth and understanding above and beyond what appears on a resume, a 1-2 page Candidate Summary accompanies all credentials and predetermined documents

Phase III: Formal interview(s), closing, and integration/retention (Weeks 6-15)

The manner in which BPC approaches the final phase of our search process separates us from our competitors.  The robust candidate pool previously established and presented is narrowed to finalists. We support both the client and candidate through the closing process, providing constant contact, feedback, and full disclosure of any potential challenges that may arise, and facilitate resolution, as necessary. Following offer acceptance, BPC is strategically engaged throughout the onboarding, integration and retention process to ensure lasting success of the newly hired executive. If for any reason our client is not completely satisfied with the candidate within a predetermined amount of time, BPC will fulfill the scope of work and restart the search.

-Refined candidate pool is presented

-Formal interview process begins between the client and candidates (BPC will attend when deemed appropriate)

-Reference and background checks provided

-Finalist is selected and presented an offer 

-BPC acts as an arbiter to ensure a smooth transition and integration

-Facilitation of onboarding and concluding the search

-Continuous follow up with both the client and candidate

The above is merely a summation of our search process. Each phase is more elaborate in execution, heavily customizable given the needs of a client, and can be supplemented by our strategic partners. Whether it be through the diversity, equity, and inclusion consulting of Mattingly Solutions or the leadership and executive coaching of Gratus Connecting, our firm will facilitate and leverage every resource available to better assist the long term goals and success of every client. Please inquire to learn more about our partner’s expertise, capabilities, and supplemental services.