World class research and sourcing enterprise

The principals of our firm are responsible for creating a best in class research and sourcing methodology and standing it up at a number of what are now the best search firms in the world and have consequently been ranked by Forbes as the ‘best executive search firms’ in the nation. This quantitative and data-driven methodology allows BPC to identify and secure talent that very few others are capable of regardless of location, industry, and all other constraints.

Principal led searches

We take pride in our firm-wide commitment to have every search not only led by a Principal but to also have them directly involved in the recruiting process and leveraging their expansive networks. Many other firms do not have this luxury due to their size or specialization, and this is why we intentionally remain as a boutique firm.

National network and reach

Over the course of their careers in executive search, our Principals have been retained by clients in nearly every state, both west and east coast. Even should an unfamiliar market arise, our expansive network allows us to quickly develop a ‘boots on the ground’ approach through referrals, our numerous connections, and affiliations with associations that have chapters across the United States. 

Very few ‘off-limit’ conflicts

Our expertise is predominantly focused on our in-depth and firsthand knowledge of the functional areas in which we look for candidates. For example, in the area of Finance, we are equipped with the knowledge and understanding of 990 reporting when it comes to nonprofits and the complexity that comes with accounting for keys and beds in hospitality and healthcare. As another instance, with Marketing, one of our Principals held a long time seat on the Board of Directors at the American Marketing Association and knows the challenges faced by both owners and agencies. Our approach of focusing on an in-depth understanding of the multifarious administrative business units differentiates us in that our clientele is not overly specialized in one particular industry. This affords us the opportunity to approach a much higher caliber candidate from direct competitors and peer institutions all while being able to vet the highest quality talent that is ready for the role on day one.